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URBAN NIGHTS @CUPPACOFFEE are a series of events born from a partnership between CUPPACOFFEE and URBAN TRIBE.

The purpose of URBAN NIGHT is to bring together small local businesses and artists to create synergies for all the partners to thrive and that will also benefit the Macau community by bringing new and exciting events, products & services to its midst.

Each URBAN NIGHT has a theme and features one or more local businesses and artists.

URBAN NIGHTS - Session 1 was dedicated to MACAU PHOTOGRAPHERS, showcasing works by Carmo Correia, António Mil-Homens and Eva Mok and featuring local handmade custom print company ID CORE .

URBAN NIGHTS - Session 2 was dedicated to MACAU FASHION, showcasing works by

On Saturday 12th August, it will be the first time that the event will be a small private dinner, by reservation only. This will be a Fado Night and we will recreate the environment, with Fado Singer Vânia Vieira and guitarrist Paulo Pereira and foods of a traditional Portuguese Fado Tavern.

Below are translations into English for the Fado songs that will fetaure