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BREAD FOR XMAS TOAST ('Pão para Rabanadas')


BREAD FOR XMAS TOAST ('Pão para Rabanadas')

葡式聖誕吐司麵包 - 附食譜!

Thicker baguette style-bread that is used to prepare sweet Portuguese Christmas Toasts. The bread is left for a couple days until it becomes  drier and harder. It is then sliced into thick slices, soaked in milk, dipped in egg and fried until golden. After removing the excess oil, the slices are sprinkled with generous amounts of
sugar & cinnamon.

用來製作甜味葡萄牙聖誕吐司的法棍麵包。待麵包變得更乾硬,將其切成薄片,在牛奶中浸泡,再浸入蛋液中,然後炸至金黃色。 去除多餘的油份後,撒上大量的砂糖和肉桂,回味無窮!

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