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  • MOP4800

A wholesome healthy mix of nuts & dried fruits with 4 to 5 servings per pack that you can add to yogurts, mix with your favourite grain or cereal or simply snack from the pack. True healthy energy boosters!

3 flavours available! (click drop down box to select flavour):

POWER SNACK NO. 1 - Nutty About Fruits: walnuts, pecans, raisins, sultanas, cranberries, almonds, dark chocolate chips

POWER SNACK NO. 2 - Fruity About Nuts: walnuts, pecans, almonds, dark chocolate chips

POWER SNACK NO.3 - Energy Galore: baked energy bites with pecans, chocolate, cranberries and raisins

(4 servings = around 150kcal per serving)

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